Sun-El Musician Releases New Single “Inhliziyo”



Award-winning DJ, highly acclaimed and celebrated producer and label owner, Sun-El Musician, releases new single “Inhliziyo” featuring an impressive lineup of collaborators, which includes label mate Kenza, the talented Mthandazo Gatya, and the dynamic Anzo.


Each artist brings their distinctive style to the table, infusing the song with a fresh and innovative twist that enhances Sun-El Musician’s signature sound.

The single, aptly named “Inhliziyo,” which translates to “The Heart” in isiZulu, promises to deliver a deeply moving melodic experience. It is crafted to evoke profound emotions of compassion and to highlight its heartfelt and poignant message.

This remarkable collaboration is poised to become another hit, effectively showcasing the exceptional talents and synergy of each contributing artist.

Listeners can now stream “Inhliziyo” on all major digital streaming platforms, where it will be available for download.

This enchanting track is sure to resonate deeply with audiences and provide a warm and uplifting musical experience, perfect for the winter season.


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