St. Claire Records Unveils Dwin, The Stoic’s Anticipated Lead Single “I Go Nowhere” From Upcoming Album



St. Claire Records is excited to announce the upcoming release of the highly anticipated lead single from Dwin, The Stoic’s forthcoming album “Master of Ballads” – “I Go Nowhere”.

Set to captivate with its infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics, “I Go Nowhere” is poised to become a timeless classic.

Building on the success of his previous releases including ‘Streets’, ‘Ifunanyam’, ‘Save My Soul’ amongst others, Dwin, The Stoic’s latest offering “I Go Nowhere” showcases his signature style – a seamless fusion of poetic storytelling, emotion and soulful melodies – and continues to establish him as an undeniably brilliant artiste.

“I Go Nowhere” invites listeners on a journey of love, resilience, and unwavering commitment. With lyrics that speak of devotion and the power of love, the release is poised to resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and become an anthem for romantics everywhere.

Produced in collaboration with the talented Rhaffy, “I Go Nowhere” marks a significant milestone for St. Claire Records as its first release with Platoon. With Platoon’s support, “I Go Nowhere” is set to reach new heights and further elevate Dwin, The Stoic’s status as a masterful storyteller and musical visionary.

“’I Go Nowhere’ is an anthem for everyone who knows what it means to be in love and stay in it, choosing to do every day with your person; whether friend, sibling, or lover”, says Dwin, The Stoic. “I can’t wait for fans to experience the magic we’ve created with the whole album, starting with this single”.


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