King Promise Is “True To Self” In New Album



King Promise is back with new vibes and even bigger vision, releasing his latest album “True to Self”.

The project balances lyrics about his inspirational journey to stardom, struggles, love life, all along with fun summer tracks you won’t be able to get enough of! King Promise is known as the “Vibe Supplier” blending multiple genres such as Afrobeats, Ghanaian Highlife, R&B, Dancehall and Hip Hop to create the perfect sound.

While several songs on the album will be on heavy repeat at a party or on the beach, his storytelling on songs such as “Believe” are equally notable and inspirational.

Production throughout the album is exceptional, with instrumentals that sound like a band of live instruments and bring together a dynamic energy.

Production credits include Ragee, Guiltybeatz (Tems), Telz (Burna Boy) Mojam, Killbeatz, Niphkeys and mixing by JAE5.

Features are carefully curated to complement, with artists such as Shallipopi, Black Sherif, Ladipoe and several more bringing the best of their sound forward and sharing a special chemistry with King Promise and his unique musical style.

Whether you’re looking for personal motivation, music for the dancefloor or just relaxing by the beach, King Promise has delivered the album for this summer and put together a variety of flows and melodies which will connect to listeners all over the world.

The project includes viral hit ‘Terminator’, ‘Perfect Combi’ feat. Gabzy, ‘Paris’ and ‘Favourite Story’, alongside 8 new tracks.


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