Jabulile Majola & Yoav Release New Album “Unyazi”



Yoav and Jabulile Majola, two distinct voices in the music scene, release their deeply personal and transformative collaborative album, “Unyazi.”

The album breaks conventional boundaries, blending Yoav’s ethereal acoustic style with Jabulile’s poignant storytelling and soulful vocals.

Yoav, renowned for his Indie Folk sound, brings his unique perspective, shaped by a rebellious rejection of his Classical music background to his own electronica-infused style. In contrast, Jabulile, was born into a challenging upbringing, raised in a Children’s Home in Greytown, KwaZulu Natal. The two find solace and expression through their compositions, sharing narratives rooted in personal and joined experiences.

Their musical journey began with a serendipitous meeting through a mutual friend, which sparked an instant creative connection. Initially collaborating on the acclaimed single “Stranger,” their partnership blossomed into the full-lengthproject “Unyazi.” The album, named after the fleeting light that follows lightning, invites listeners into to experience vulnerability and try to share in the the sense of healing they both experienced through the process.

Through the recording of the album, both artists faced loss of loved ones. Their journeys navigating personal grief were capture in their writing, transforming their pain into expressions that can resonate universally. “Unyazi” serves as a testament to resilience, offering listeners a glimpse into the cathartic power of music to heal.

“Throughout the process of writing this record, it felt like we were going through a collective grief. Our intention was to create something healing and nourishing, and in the process, we experienced healing ourselves.” – Yoav


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