I have recorded a song with FBS which is yet to be released – Afronitaa reveals

Popularly known for her dancing prowess, it will surprise you that Afronitaa has a bit of singing talent as well. The Ghanaian dancer revealed on The Afternoon Show on TV3 that she has recorded a song with popular music group, FBS. According to her, the song which was recorded in October 2023 is yet to be released.

Initially skeptic about how well she will perform, Afronitaa said she was hesitant about recording the song but was encouraged by FBS. She emphasised that the group played a major role by fine tuning her output whish she said “came out nice.”

“It’s not out yet. I just recorded a song with FBS in October last year. It should be out very soon. Trying to convince me was very difficult, they really tried because we kept having meetings upon meetings and I’m like no I am not a musician and I can’t do this.

“They were like let’s just go to the studio and try and do something. I put something together, they looked at it and asked me to do it this way and I went to sing….it came out nice,” she said on April, 11 Afronitaa will launch her dancing academy for kids, Afrostar kids academy on Sunday, April 14 at Fit Trip, Dzorwulu from 2 pm – 5 pm.


The academy is meant for age group between 3- 12 years. Afronitaa has urged all interested parents to enroll their kids.


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