Alternative Soul Sensation Zubi Returns With New Single “Nepa”



‘NEPA’ is the exquisite slow-burning new single from London-based Nigerian alternative soul sensation ZUBI as he gears towards the release of his eagerly anticipated forthcoming album Ghost of the Buj.

The fiery and deeply emotive ballad comes on the back of last autumn’s critically acclaimed Journey To Idan project, which saw the Abuja native garner rave reviews and critical acclaim from the likes of Clash Magazine, Earmilk, Notion Magazine, and GQ South Africa, among others.

Written and composed by Zubi, ‘Nepa’ is a fiery and deeply emotive anthem, driven by the anguish of betrayal and the desire for retribution.

Driven by evocative and hard-hitting lyrics that reveal an angry and hurt Zubi who has just felt the sting of a lover’s betrayal, and his seething vocal performance calling for retribution and vengeance, ‘NEPA’ paints a vivid picture of the complexities of human emotions, and the tumultuous journey it often takes us to navigate through pain and anger.

The song delves deeper into the multifaceted nature of betrayal, offering more than just a narrative of vengeance. It provides a cathartic release for anyone who has endured the agony of deceit, reminding them they are not alone in their suffering.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind his new track ‘NEPA’, Zubi shares, “this song is inspired by a deeply personal experience of betrayal by someone I deeply cared for. It left me feeling a profound sense of anger and hurt.

I felt like I deserved some form of compensation or acknowledgment for the emotional turmoil I endured. To cope with these intense emotions, I turned to music as my sanctuary and therapeutic outlet.

Creating this song was a therapeutic process for me, allowing me to channel all my feelings of betrayal, anger, and hurt into something that could express and process those emotions”.


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