Afro-pop And Amapiano Leading Ladies Simmy And Nkosazana Daughter Team Up For A New Single “Amazwe” About Irreplaceable Love



Simmy, a multi-award-winning and Platinum-certified artist, stands out as a renowned vocalist and songwriter celebrated for her distinctive blend of Afro-pop and soulful sounds.

She has recently joined forces with Nkosazana Daughter, who has carved out a space for herself in the Amapiano genre through her thought-provoking lyrics and commanding delivery.

Together, they boast an impressive array of musical accolades. This collaboration between two formidable artists promises to deliver a unique expression of feminine power across diverse musical dimensions.

About the single Simmy comments: That’s how this beautiful story of one’s irreplaceable form of love and existence in another’s life came about, as quoted from the song “Ngihambile wonke amazwe, ay akekho ofana nawe…” which in translation says, “I’ve been around the world, but none compares to you.”

Simmy comments about the collaboration: “I’ve always loved Nkosazana and her work. We met and were just going on about how we needed to create something together, and we stayed in contact.

Two years down the line, I asked her to please pull through at the studio. She got there, and in less than an hour, she effortlessly added her vocals.

Nkosazanah Daughter adds: “Simmy is one of the few female artists I’ve always had the utmost respect for, and her creativity is continuously evolving.

Our collaboration is something we have both awaited and looked forward to. Not only was it an honour to finally be in the studio with her, but it was also easy. Working with her was a breeze; we should definitely do it again. She’s good people.”


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