25th Telecel Ghana Music Awards “Music for Good” Award Plague comes with 20k Cash Prize

Organisers of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs), Charterhouse, has named Telecel Ghana as the new category sponsor of the Music for Good award for this year’s event.

The honorary award seeks to recognize and highlight musicians who go beyond just music-making and make social impact.

A number of rebranding programs are being introduced by the award scheme as part of its ongoing transformation to Telecel Ghana Awards, one of which is combining the Green Award with the already-existing Music for Good award.

At the grand finale of the TGMAs on Saturday, June 1, the winner of the Music for Good award will be announced and given a recognition plaque along with a ¢20,000 cheque for their impact project.

The Music for Good award will honour an artist who released a song in the year under review and made a significant contribution to a social cause—such as youth mentoring, health, education, economic empowerment, social development, or environmental initiatives.

In an effort to highlight the greater social influence that musicians have on their communities, the Green Award and the Music for Good award were combined.

This initiative moved the emphasis from environmental efforts to a wider range of social impact.

Ing. Patricia Obo-Nai, CEO of Telecel Ghana, the headline sponsor of the TGMAs indicated that supporting the Music for Good award shows the TGMA’s commitment to celebrating musicians who use their influence to push for positive change and add value to the lives of people and communities.

“We believe musicians have the talent and power to inspire, connect, change lives and communities positively. The Music for Good category will celebrate and honour musicians who go above and beyond in using their influence for the greater good,” she said.

The Music for Good award will shine the spotlight on musicians who have leveraged their fame and influence for tangible impact.


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